BURST FORTH ilustrado por Ryou

BURST FORTH (Exploxión Progresiva) es una Canción Original de Vocaloid.

Intérprete: YOHIOloid

Música y PV: Rokuya Setsuwa

Letra y Mixing: Yoru-P

Guitarra: Shiki

Ilustraciones: Ryou


Breaking out;
From these expectations of me
looking at you all I can see is disappointment and...
brokenness- with me falling apart and thinking that
everything will be okay with these thoughts of lies and pain
I can't take this anymore.

But if you fall I'll catch you because that's the kind of person I want to be for you
and I don't need your blame just your love for me is all I want
It's all I want
and if you cry I'll be there to wipe your pain and suffering away from here my love
no matter how much you hurt me I know that you don't mean it
you don't mean it

Feeling doubt;
That we can't fix this connection we had
I just want this to be over so we say our goodbyes
and I won't ever look back at you

Now if you fall. I'll stand here and look at you that way you looked at me so long ago
And I don't want you here just for you to vanish from my life
so I can move on ...
Without you here.
I know that I can break out of the person you turned me into
and I don't need someone to judge me for my life
for my life

And I- won't forget
all of the unforgivable pain you put me through
Without that love you claimed to have I wouldn't have grown up
and moved on

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