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My Little Garden Ilustrada por TAKA

My Little Garden (Mi Pequeño Jardín) es una Canción Original Vocaloid.

La canción trata, de una chica que se siente segura en un lugar pequeño, y por esa razón crea su jardin.

Intérprete: Megurine Luka

Música: TA9

Letra: Chu-Ji

Ilustración: TAKA


No stars in leaning sky
I'm looking for around here

No sea, No moon nothing good
Seeding a joy in here today
seeding a sad in there soon
Will they all bloom or not

I know what I can change is only in my reach
Unchained world
It's so small heaven of me
Now I law me down without having anything
Still songs are
It fills up the emptines
I just keep repeating it not to hear silence

Dreamimg flowers come out
I know seeding is yesterday

Waiting kills me gradually
Saying lie, not to be hated
Saying true, to be sincere
Will they love me or not

No one knows anyone's crying
If the one is me

When it rains
Trying to forget the aches
I always sing it about everything happy
Snowy night
Sleeping with my heaven
Until a day winter is gone
Counting all my lies
If there is a reason why
I was born here, I guess it's
"To make world a garden"
My little garden

Lay me down
Now I lay me down forever
How small is
To make my world happy
Here I lay me down without having anything
Still songs are
To draw up starful sky
I just keep repeating it
Not to lost everything
I wish it makes thousand days

If they say it's all happened in my head
I will make it my garden
My little garden

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